Opal Dragonfly Games is a small indie studio making games for both online and offline play.

In partnership with Opal Dragonfly Charities, 10% of our profits will be donated to charity.

We like to say we make Games With A Heart!

Don't Hurt The Wall

What do you get when you cross a wall sized alien named Zedd, rocket sled tracks, and crash test dummies who don't listen?
A fast furious fun game for all ages!!

2 to 6 players rocket down the track to see who can get closest without hurting the Wall!

We Support Charities!

A big part of who we are is giving back.
Using games to help fund charitable organizations is just the right thing to do!

You have see Horse Racing, Car Racing, Boat Racing.. but Rocket Sled Racing???
This new RPG for both online and off-line play combines the fun of head to head racing with pen and paper gaming!

About Us

Details Coming Soon! 

St. Louis, MO 63146

Email: info@opaldragonflygames.com